Vic ‘The Brick’ Raises Passion for Celtics-Lakers Rivalry to Transcendent Level


Vic 'The Brick' Raises Passion for Celtics-Lakers Rivalry to Transcendent Level Vic “The Brick” Jacobs
is renowned for his odd Lakers getup and seemingly out-of-this-world radio broadcasts.

Boston got a taste of Vic and his clairvoyance when he bestowed upon us his pregame ritual with Lamar Odom.

“It’s like I tell Lamar Odom, Get empty with me, Lamar. Breathe, breathe two inches below the navel,” Vic explained to NESN’s Kathryn Tappen. “Slow, rhythmic, and calm. Right now, your mind is nowhere, and it should be everywhere. Your mind should be nowhere in particular, and your mind is closed, Lamar.

“So Lamar says, ‘Vic what do you want me to do?’ So I say, ‘Let’s do our discipline, our dogma.’ … I will throw down a riddle, and he must complete it. I play the Zen master, as I will for you. I say, ‘Lamar, a painting of a rice cake.’ And Lamar will say, ‘Does not satisfy hunger.’ He gets it.”

Maybe Lamar gets it, but we sure don’t.

Think that’s all Vic had to say? Check out the video below for more.

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