Carmelo Anthony in Hot Water Over Alleged Twitter Bounty on Hip-Hop Groupie Kat Stacks


Carmelo Anthony in Hot Water Over Alleged Twitter Bounty on Hip-Hop Groupie Kat Stacks Santonio Holmes taught fellow athletes an important lesson on how to deal with a Twitter scandal: claim your account was hacked.

When Holmes, or Holmes’ Twitter account, told a fan to kill himself, his only move was to say that he didn’t say it. A rogue Twitter hacker did it, according to the Jets’ wide receiver.

Carmelo Anthony found himself in a similar position on Sunday, when he allegedly put out a $5,000 bounty for anybody who slaps infamous hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks, reports CBS Sports.

Stacks, who has made a career out of blogging about her sexual encounters (potentially both fictional and non-fictional) with various hip hop artists, posted footage of herself and Soulja Boy this past week and claimed that the rapper had a cocaine problem.

Many, such as 50 Cent, came to Soulja Boy’s defense, but Anthony’s lashing out has received the most attention. Anthony and his wife, TV host Lala Vasquez, have claimed that Carmelo’s account was hacked, but Stacks has claimed that the tweets did in fact come from his IP address, and has not only accused Anthony of encouraging violence against women, but has even filed a police report against the Denver Nuggets’ star.

Whether or not Anthony did send the tweets, this — as well as the Holmes incident and Oakland A’s pitcher Brett Anderson‘s pictures taken with stacks of money and two women — should make it very clear to athletes that they must be wary of what 140 characters can do.

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Carmelo Anthony in Hot Water Over Alleged Twitter Bounty on Hip-Hop Groupie Kat Stacks

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