Ken Burns Ready to Reveal Next Chapter of ‘Baseball’ Detailing Present-Day Game


Ken Burns Ready to Reveal Next Chapter of 'Baseball' Detailing Present-Day Game Filmmaker Ken Burns is about to add to his award-winning documentary series Baseball with a new installment detailing today's game called "10th Inning."

Burns was a guest on Tuesday's Red Sox Gameday Live where he talked with Tom Caron and Peter Gammons about his upcoming special set to air Sept. 28 and 29 at 8 p.m. ET on PBS.

Baseball, arguably the best documentary ever made about the history of America's national pastime, will add to its legacy when it details the era of the game from the 1990s up until today.

The special will look at baseball's transformation through the steroid era and how it changed the game, in addition to how baseball is pulling away from that dark time and is ready to embrace a new generation of young and exciting players.

"We want to invest in this new crop," Burns said in reference to the new generation of players that have baseball fans so excited. "We want to plant the seeds and water them with our affection and our love for these new pitchers, these new hitters. And they're coming from everywhere — from Latin America, from Asia, from our own backyard. We can really finally put [the steroid era] behind us."

Be sure to watch the video for much more from award-winning director and filmmaker Ken Burns.

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