Brian Cashman, Yankees Handling Derek Jeter Situation Perfectly


Brian Cashman, Yankees Handling Derek Jeter Situation Perfectly There are a lot of Yankee fans who want the organization to bow down to any demands of Derek Jeter, as they believe the captain has earned that right.

There are just as many people who feel differently, and among them is GM Brian Cashman.

Cashman encouraged his franchise player to test the market to see if any other team was willing to match the Bombers’ three-year, $45 million offer.

While it might have Cashman and Co. in hot water with some fans in New York, it’s drawing the admiration of John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and special guest Mikey Adams.

“If I were in their position,” Dennis said, “this is what I’d be doing. [I’d say,] ‘Hey, Derek, go make a better deal. See if somebody is crazy enough to give you more money than we’re going to give you.'”

When even Mikey, perhaps the world’s biggest Yankee hater, has nothing bad to say about the team, you know the team might be gaining some respect from Boston.

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