Other Than Yankees Games, Which 2011 Red Sox Game Are You Most Looking Forward to See?


Other Than Yankees Games, Which 2011 Red Sox Game Are You Most Looking Forward to See? The 2011 Red Sox season is going to be jam-packed with excitement, from spring training all the way through a hopeful return to the postseason.

But which game, aside from any matchup with the New York Yankees, are Red Sox fans most excited to see?

Manager Terry Francona‘s new-look team opens its highly anticipated regular season on the road when the Red Sox take on the defending American League champion Texas Rangers on April 1. The Rangers fell to the San Francisco Giants in the 2010 World Series and will be without ace Cliff Lee, who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason.

The Chicago Cubs come to Fenway Park for a rare visit in May. Fans can’t help but enjoy watching these two “lovable loser” franchises go at it, as both teams have had historic troubles dating back to the early portion of the 20th century.

Another contest all baseball fans should have circled on their calenders is the opener of a late-June series that features the Red Sox and Phillies — two teams favored to win their respective leagues. Because both clubs made monumental acquisitions this offseason, many baseball experts are pegging this clash to be a World Series preview.

Other than Yankees games, which 2011 Red Sox game are you most looking forward to see?online survey

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