Wade Boggs Stars in, Does Own Stunts in Syfy Thriller ‘Swamp Shark’


Wade Boggs Stars in, Does Own Stunts in Syfy Thriller 'Swamp Shark' Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs gave pitchers nightmares during his 18-year career. Now, the former Red Sox, Yankees and Rays slugger is giving Science-Fiction fans nightmares as the baseball legend landed a spot on the Syfy original movie, Swamp Shark, which premiered Saturday, June 25.

Boggs plays Deputy Stanley and explains to thewrap.com that he even did his own stunts while filming.

"They asked if I needed a stunt double and I said, 'No, not really,'" he said. "We rehearsed the scene a couple or three times, and I learned how to fall with a belt on against a wooden floor — that made it sound more realistic than falling on a mattress and not having the gun hit the floor. That was kind of neat, doing your own stunts and getting punched out and trying to make it look as real as you possibly can."

Check out the trailer below.

Warning: content may be inapropriate for some viewers

Screengrab courtesy of IMDb

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