Kobe Bryant Attempts Penalty Kick During Halftime of Manchester United, FC Barcelona Exhibition Match (Video)


While many NBA players are lining up to jet across the Atlantic to play in leagues across Europe and China, Kobe Bryant seems content to just sit back and show off his athleticism.

The perennial All-Star was reportedly going to have representatives talk to the Turkish club Besiktas on Saturday, but according to ESPN, during a news conference on Sunday, Bryant said, "I haven't spoken to Beskitas in weeks."

And according to a source in an NBA.com report, there is a "zero percent" chance that Bryant will play alongside New Jersey Nets guard and Besiktas signee Deron Williams with the Turkish club.

Bryant instead seems to be turning his attention to soccer.

OK, so not really. But during halftime of an exhibition match in Washington, D.C., between powerhouses Manchester United and FC Barcelona, Bryant took to the field to attempt a penalty kick.

Check out the YouTube video below to see Bryant's PK attempt.

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