Brendan Shanahan Has Tough Job, But NHL’s New Disciplinary System Leaves No Gray Area


Brendan Shanahan has turned a few heads with his heavy-handed ways as the NHL’s new head disciplinarian. His focus on safety has received mostly positive reviews, though.

NESN’s Dale Arnold, Barry Pederson and Billy Jaffe discussed Shanahan’s tenure thus far, during which the former NHL pro has issued a number of suspensions because of illegal hits. Pederson said that it’s clear that there’s a focus on communication and consistency in his decisions. Shanahan, of course, has released videos that serve as a guide to what is legal and what is illegal in terms of hits.

The NESN trio also discussed the role of fighting in hockey, which is always a hot button issue.

To hear what they had to say about the job Shanahan has done, as well as whether fighting should continue to exist in the NHL, check out the video above.

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