Bruins, Roberto Luongo Near Top of USA Today’s ‘Pressure Rankings’ After Early Season Struggles


Bruins, Roberto Luongo Near Top of USA Today's 'Pressure Rankings' After Early Season StrugglesWho is facing the most pressure in the NHL right now? Is it Roberto Luongo? What about Canadiens coach Jaques Martin? Or is it the entire Boston Bruins team?

It's Luongo, according to the USA Today's "Pressure Rankings," but the Bruins aren't that far behind. The B's currently sit third in the rankings, trailing only Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson and Luongo.

"While we all understand that the Stanley Cup hangover seems to have no known cure," writes Kevin Allen, "it's still stunning that the defending Stanley Cup champions are in last place."

He continues, suggesting, "the Bruins just need to find some goals, and a higher degree of efficiency."

That's easier said than done, for sure. But while Bruins fans may be getting a litle antsy for the team to return to Stanley Cup-winning form, Luongo at the top of the list does sound appropriate.

For all the flaws that the Bruins may or may not have, at least they aren't stuck with them until 2022, which is when Luongo's contract expires. But Luongo has always seemed to be a slow starter and the Bruins will have plenty of time to rebound from their slow start.

There's a lot of hockey to be played this season, and one big game might be all it takes to calm everyone down. But for now, the pressure's on.

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