Darrelle Revis Hangs Up on Mike Francesa After Radio Host Tells Cornerback He Got Away With a Penalty


Darrelle Revis Hangs Up on Mike Francesa After Radio Host Tells Cornerback He Got Away With a PenaltyIf you never played in the NFL, then Darrelle Revis does not want to hear your opinion about football.

The Jets’ cornerback was a guest on Mike Francesa‘s radio show on WFAN in New York, and the host told Revis that he pushed off receiver Brandon Marshall on the play that resulted in Revis’ 100-yard interception return.

It was mostly a lighthearted assessment, as Francesa seemingly only wanted Revis to laugh it off and say he got away with one, but Revis couldn’t let it go.

Revis questioned Francesa’s knowledge because he never played football, and he also said it wasn’t a penalty because no official called it a penalty.

“Do you know football or are you good at interviewing?” Revis asked Francesa. “There’s a number of things that go on on that field that you have no clue, but you know football,” Revis said sarcastically. “OK, that’s your opinion, but have you ever been on that field?”

After Revis reached the point of true anger, a member of the Jets PR staff got on the other end of the line.

Then Revis hung up.

“Wait a second, the Jets hang up? I mean this is unbelievable,” Francesa said. “I mean, you are telling me he is gonna hang up the phone? You see, this is why I don’t talk to the Jets. And I’ll tell you right now — I was only kidding around with him.”

Making it even better is that Francesa opened the interview by saying, “Right now, we’re welcomed in by the best defensive player in the game right now and the only Jet who talks to me these days, the only one who likes me still.”

That list might be at zero now.

Listen to the audio below. The “showdown” begins around the 4:25 mark.

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