Raiders Coach Hue Jackson Pays Tribute to Al Davis in Emotional Postgame Speech


Raiders Coach Hue Jackson Pays Tribute to Al Davis in Emotional Postgame Speech The Oakland Raiders are 3-2 after a huge comeback win on the road over the Houston Texans, but the outcome of the game was far from the biggest headline for Oakland on Sunday.

The team played just one day after losing owner Al Davis, and played its first game without him in the organization since 1962.

One of the highlights of the emotional win was Raiders head coach Hue Jackson delivering an inspired speech to his players after the game.

"Losing that man hurt me more than you know," Jackson said, fighting back tears. "But you know what? Just like I told you, I know he loves you guys, just like he loves this coaching staff and this organization."

Perhaps no owner in football was as involved with his team and its players on a day-to-day basis as was Davis, and Gerard Warren even shared a story with Jeff Howe about how the two used to lift weights together.

This is just the type of emotional win that Davis would have loved to see in his honor, and Jackson strongly believes that Davis had an influence on the game from the owner's box in the sky.

But while it was a big win, and a great emotional charge for the Raiders, it was just one win. Jackson was quick to turn the attention forward.

"Listen, team, please, listen to me: You've gotta trust me. You've gotta just keep playing, and that's what we did. We just kept playing. …You kept fighting because you know what? That's what that man would want you to do. That's what Raiders do."

At the end of the speech, Jackson and the Raiders got on one knee to give thanks for the win.

"Just a moment of silence," Jackson said. "Al, we love you, we know you're watching over this team. We love you, and we're gonna keep playing like Raiders for you. We're gonna keep honoring this man all year for what he's done for us, because he's touched each and every last one of us."

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