Joe Torre Says MLB Not Banning Alcohol From Clubhouses, Teams Responsible for Policing Issue


MLB executive vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre stated that Major League Baseball would look further into the issue of clubhouse drinking. But it doesn't seem any change is forthcoming, as teams will continue to use their on discretion on alcohol use.

Torre appeared on ESPN New York and said the league is interested in the issue, but that he "talked out of my shoes" when discussing a potential investigation.

"We're interested in it. I probably should have stopped there," he said. "It's basically individual clubs make those decisions, and it's obvious when you have owners meetings, you certainly let your feelings be heard."

Torre admitted that he's torn on the issue because he'd like to have alcohol available if players want to use it in moderation. But he is, at the same time, concerned that you can't always guarantee that, and the league would be responsible if something were to go wrong.

"It's even a matter of getting in your car and driving somewhere; that's the scary part for me," Torre said.

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