Larry Lucchino Says Lack of Depth in Red Sox Pitching Staff More to Blame for Collapse Than Chicken and Beer


Without even playing one game, it’s been a truly wild month for the Red Sox. With report after report coming out about certain players’ behavior in the clubhouse, and perceived bad attitudes and other activities that really have no effect on the outcome of baseball games, it’d be easy to forget how exactly the Sox finished outside of the playoff picture.

Team president Larry Lucchino got back to baseball on Friday morning on The Dennis and Callahan Show and stressed that the club is looking ahead.

“It’s time to move forward,” Lucchino said. “It’s not time to dwell on who drank a beer or had a piece of fried chicken. If you believe that that was the cause of the collapse in September, I think you’re mistaken.

“I think the depth of the starting pitching and the burned-out bullpen were two of the major factors, much more substantive. Those are much more significant — perhaps a little less useful to talk radio — but much more central factors.”

Lucchino said the roster doesn’t need drastic changes.

“There have to be improvements. Every year there have to be improvements,” he said. “When you have a colossal collapse as we did, there have to be some changes made, you would expect. But there is the nucleus of a very good team in that clubhouse.”

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