Major League Baseball Uses ‘MLB Fan Cave’ to Help League Connect With Broader Audience


Major League Baseball isn’t the most captivating product for a society that craves fast-paced, quick-hitting information and entertainment. However, MLB’s most aggressive social media campaign may be helping the league make strides in that area.

Baseball used its MLB Fan Cave to help generate more interest in the game among younger people, something that was a successful endeavor this season.

Two diehard fans were tasked with living in a New York City apartment and watch every single game of the MLB season. The duo would also document their experiences over a variety of social media outlets.

The results have been positive for MLB, according to

The Fan Cave helped MLB gather 100 million impressions over the season. That number represents how many different people MLB was able to reach through its Facebook and Twitter posts.

“[The Fan Cave] accomplished exactly what we set out to accomplish, which was we wanted to become part of the online social conversation this summer,” MLB executive vice president Tim Brosnan told “Over 100 million social media impressions in and around the Cave that didn’t exist the year before, I would say that put us into the social conversation.”

The initial responses have been pretty positive thus far for MLB. Much of the feedback has been positive, as baseball continues to search for ways to appeal to and communicate with a younger generation of fans.

“There’s no question that the social landscape is a minute-to-minute undertaking,” Brosnan added. “That’s what was great about the Cave. It was such a dynamic place. … How we reached people changed every day, and new approaches were made every week. We had a very aggressive team down there, and we gave them room to experiment.”

MLB has already begun the search for 2012 residents of the Fan Cave.

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