Steve Jobs’ Death Prompts Michael Oher to Ask ‘Who Was Steve Jobs’ Via iPhone


It probably says something about your impact in the world when millions of people can know who you are without ever actually knowing who you are. Just ask Michael Oher about Steve Jobs.

The Ravens offensive lineman hopped on Twitter on Wednesday evening and, like the rest of us, was bombarded with everyone on his timeline sending RIP and condolence messages to Jobs, the founder, chairman and CEO of Apple. Oher, the subject of The Blind Side, was not familiar with this Jobs fellow, so he asked his 75,000 followers for some assistance.

"Can somebody help me out? Who was Steve Jobs!" Oher tweeted.

The kicker? He tweeted it using his iPhone.

Naturally, as happens from time to time when people are allowed to say whatever they want on the Internet, Oher took some heat from some fans.

"Wow you mean to tell me everybody knew who he was!!" Oher wrote. "Man get real so many fake ppl! Lol."

Don't worry, though. Oher wasn't too shaken up and moved on rather quickly.

"About to get on this NBA2k see what it's talking about!" he tweeted.

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If you tweet using an iPhone, should you know who Steve Jobs is?

Steve Jobs' Death Prompts Michael Oher to Ask 'Who Was Steve Jobs' Via iPhone

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