Letting Joe Paterno Coach This Weekend Would Be ‘Disaster’ for Penn State, Says Jason Whitlock


Every day that passes without Penn State announcing any sort of discipline for head coach Joe Paterno for his role in the Jerry Sandusky mess, it's safe to assume that the calls for said discipline will get even louder.

FoxSports.com's Jason Whitlock was a guest on NESN Daily on Tuesday, and he said that he feels Penn State shouldn't even let Paterno coach in the team's game against Nebraska on Saturday.

"I don't think Joe Pa should coach this weekend," Whitlock told NESN's Randy Scott. "I think it would be a disaster for Penn State. I think it would invite protests at their football game, I think it would continue the spotlight on the university and football program for what they tolerated — allegedly — from Jerry Sandusky for so long."

See the video above for much more from Whitlock, including his opinion on the role that money played in letting this escalate even more.

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