Rodney Harrison, David Tyree Disagree Over God’s Role in Giants’ Super Bowl XLII Victory


Rodney Harrison, David Tyree Disagree Over God's Role in Giants' Super Bowl XLII VictoryDavid Tyree will forever be remembered for his miraculous catch in Super Bowl XLII, during which he pinned a desperation throw from Eli Manning to his head as Patriots safety Rodney Harrison unsuccessfully tried to wrestle it loose. But despite the devastating nature of New England's loss, Harrison agreed to write the foreword for Tyree's book, More Than Just the Catch: A True Story of Courage, Hope, and Achieving the Impossible.

Then, the two experienced a falling out, according to The Boston Globe's Bob Hohler.

Harrison revealed last week that he withdrew from Tyree's book project because he disagreed with the book's co-author about the content of the foreword.

Hohler reports that the disagreement was based on Harrison's skepticism that God preferred Tyree and the Giants on that night rather than Harrison and the Patriots. Harrison felt there was a degree of luck involved in Tyree's catch, which the former Giants wide receiver wasn't particularly a fan of.

"He started walking around like he was an All-Star." Harrison said of Tyree. "It was like, 'Dude, let's be honest, that's never happened. You were two inches away from being really irrelevant.'"

Harrison described Tyree as a guy who the Patriots didn't really prepare for prior to that game.

"That happens. You see guys who are basically irrelevant their entire career make one lucky catch or one big interception and they become relevant all of a sudden," he said.

Tyree insists the catch wasn't luck, though, and he described his experience with Harrison as "sad and distasteful," according to The Boston Globe. The former Giants wideout said he would never call any of Harrison's body of work "luck."

"As much as [Tyree] wants to say he was the hero, they still had to get in the end zone," Harrison told the Globe. "So, did God show more favor to Plaxico Burress than Ellis Hobbs? It's still about guys on the field having to make plays."

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