Tom Brady Getting ‘a Little More Anxious’ Lately, Says Jets Coordinator Mike Pettine


Tom Brady Getting 'a Little More Anxious' Lately, Says Jets Coordinator Mike PettineTom Brady has won three Super Bowl, has been the MVP of two, owns the single-season touchdown record and will one day be considered among the very best quarterbacks to have ever played football.

All of that, though, doesn't have Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine appearing to be overly concerned for his matchup with Brady on Sunday night.

"It seems to me," Pettine told the New York Post, "that he gets a little more anxious at times, where before you would see him sit in that pocket and not move and scan the field."

It might not technically count as trash talk, because Brady's certainly been shaky this year, but it's an awfully strange thing to say leading into what might be the biggest game of the season.

Brady has thrown five interceptions in his last four games, an alarming total considering he threw four interceptions in the entire 16-game season last year. Last month against the Jets, Brady was good but not necessarily great, completing 24 of his 33 passes for 321 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

The 34-year-old quarterback did look a bit out character on Sunday against the Giants, when he posted his worst quarterback rating (75.4) in more than a calendar year.

All that considered, it's always bad business to criticize an opponent leading up to an important game. But as if you needed a reminder, this is a Patriots-Jets week.

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