What’s the Best Part of Black Friday Besides Watching the Bruins Play?


What's the Best Part of Black Friday Besides Watching the Bruins Play?

The Bruins have played a matinee game on the Friday after Thanksgiving every year since 1990, creating their own holiday tradition over the last 20 years. This year, the team faces off against the Detroit Red Wings while hoping to extend a 10-game winning streak.

But while the Bruins have earned a spot in the hearts of many holiday aficionados, there's no shortage of other things to do once the final horn sounds. Everyone has their own unique way to celebrate the "holiday" of Black Friday.

Many raid the fridge for leftovers, scouring what little turkey or stuffing or mashed potatoes might have survived the previous day's feast. Some scout out the deals and wake up early to fight the crowds shopping in search of outrageous discounts. Still others spend the day at the movies, turning to the silver screen for a little holiday entertainment.

And of course, while Bruins hockey is a must, there are always sure to be plenty of other sporting events to take in, such as college football and basketball.

All in all, Black Friday can present quite a full day. But besides the Bruins, which part is the best?

What's the best part of Black Friday besides watching the Bruins play?

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