Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Blasts MIAA As ‘Frustrated Athletes’ For Celebration Rule That Cost Team Super Bowl


It's difficult to find anyone who thinks the MIAA's rule against celebrating is a good one after Cathedral High School lost its Super Bowl on such a penalty on Saturday.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino joined the chorus Wednesday in a visit to the school, according to a Boston Herald report.

"I think sometimes these rules are written by frustrated athletes," Menino was quoted as saying. "They never participated in a sport, and they don't know what it is to be excited. You play in a football game, you run for a touchdown, and you do something special."

In the fourth quarter of Saturday's Division 4A championship against Blue Hills Regional, Cathedral quarterback Matthew Owens briefly raised his arm as he dashed for a touchdown.

Owens was flagged, the touchdown was nullified and Cathedral lost, 16-14.

"This kid was 18 years old, his birthday, running for the Super Bowl championship," Menino said. "You wouldn't be a human being if you didn't show some expression."

Check out Menino at Cathedral in the video below.

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