Pierre Thomas Places Gold Bow on Football as Part of Holiday-Themed Touchdown Celebration (Video)


It's been more than eight years since wide receiver Joe Horn pulled out a cell phone during a touchdown celebration at the Superdome. But Saints players apparently haven't forgotten how to utilize props.

New Orleans running back Pierre Thomas gave the Superdome crowd a holiday-themed celebration in the first quarter of Monday night's game against the Falcons. Upon taking it in from four yards out, Thomas pulled out a gold bow, which he slapped onto the football before handing it to a fan.

Thomas initially had some struggles with the bow, apparently unable to peel off the sticky part. He eventually succeeded, making for a pretty funny and unique celebration.

The ref provided quite the gift himself after watching Thomas' antics, handing the Saints running back a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which was assessed on the kickoff. The Falcons' return gift to Thomas came in the form of a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

The gift-giving might not end there, though, as Horn's 2003 prop-contained celebration earned him a $30,000 fine. Thomas could be in line for something similar. But hey, it's the season of giving.

Check out Thomas' celebration in the video below.

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