Snoop Dogg Goes Off on Lakers’ Pau Gasol in Twitter Rant


Calvin Broadus, better known as rapper Snoop Dogg, is known to be a Lakers fan. He’s like Jack Nicholson for a younger generation.

But one Laker whom Snoop is not a fan of is apparently Pau Gasol. The rapper went off on Gasol this week on Twitter, even imploring Kobe Bryant to insist the Lakers get rid of the All-Star forward.

“Pau Gasol is soft as f— we need to get his b—- a– on the first thing smoking,” Snoop Dogg tweeted. “He’s a f—– weanie. This is coming from Laker fan No. 1″

“Kobe make the call,” he added. “Get his h– a– out of here! Blake ballen a lil bit!”

There isn’t much chance of Gasol’s brother, Marc Gasol, coming to Los Angeles after signing a four-year deal with Memphis.

But that doesn’t have to stop Snoop — who has a yellow and purple 1967 Pontiac Parisienne — from having hoop dreams.

Check out the video below of Larry King riding with Snoop in the rapper’s Lakers ride last year.

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