Dwight Howard Challenged to Free Throw Competition by College Student (Video)


Aspiring pediatrician Margo Lorbecke has tried twice already to get Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to take her on in a free throw competition. She hopes the third time is a charm.

Lorbecke, a pre-med major and junior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, made a third video laying down a wager with Howard. If Howard, who last week tied an NBA record by attempting 39 free throws in one game, wins, Lorbecke will "paint myself blue or wash all his cars or something."

If Lorbecke wins, Howard has to pay for the rest of her college education.

Good luck with that one, Margo.

Let's assume that by "college education," Lorbecke means undergraduate tuition, which would cost somewhere between $20,000-$30,000 at UCF if Lorbecke has three semesters left. If she means medical school, too, then Howard could be on the hook for about $100,000.

That's an expensive car wash.

Check out Lorbecke's challenge in the video below.

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