Ernie Johnson Makes Shaquille O’Neal Eat Soap After Shaq Drops S-Bomb on Live TV


Shaquille O'Neal has a few things to learn about this whole TV thing. One of the most important things? Learning what you can, and more importantly, cannot say on TV.

Shaq made that mistake on Thursday night while appearing on TNT's Inside the NBA, when he uttered a four-letter word that begins with S as the show went to break.

"You know who I blame for that s—?" he asked as the show went into its commercial break transition.

As soon as The Big Pottymouth lets the s-bomb fly, you can hear show host Ernie Johnson respond with a surprised "Oh!"

You can see the video here, but you know, there's swearing. So you've been warned.

Anyway, Johnson apparently thought Shaq needed to be taught a lesson. Later in the show, Johnson did what your mom always threatened to do, but usually didn't carry out — he rinsed Shaq's mouth out with soap.

OK, so he didn't actually do that (liquid soap would have been much easier to do so), but Johnson did his best to feed Shaq a bar of soap. 

Mmm, soap…

Photo of the Day

Was Shaq's soap diet to blame for his forgettable Celtics tenure?

Ernie Johnson Makes Shaquille O'Neal Eat Soap After Shaq Drops S-Bomb on Live TV

Photo via Deadspin.

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"It was last year, I think, somebody showed me this video of the honey badger, and the commentator on it was very, very funny. Anyway, the honey badger, he doesn't give a [expletive], he takes what he wants. And that's how I'm going to be this year, like a honey badger."
–Danica Patrick talking about wanting to become the honey  badger of NASCAR next season. 

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Did King George III turtle, too?

Ernie Johnson Makes Shaquille O'Neal Eat Soap After Shaq Drops S-Bomb on Live TV

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I would make fun of this, but I still enjoy the idea of living, and Vladimir Putin is a very scary man. So just push play.

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