Ray Allen’s Trade Value May Be Highest Among Celtics’ Big Three Despite Injury (Podcast)


Ray Allen's Trade Value May Be Highest Among Celtics' Big Three Despite Injury (Podcast)Blow ’em up!

The Celtics’ poor start has led to calls to break up the so-called Big Three of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. A two-game winning streak has done little to mute the trade rumors, both absurd and somewhat reasonable.

With that in mind, when should the Celtics start the dismantling process, and what benefits can they expect in return? NESN.com editors Dan Duquette and Ben Watanabe chat about all this in this week’s NESN podcast.

Boston is not the only city with some NBA drama. Orlando is searching for a way to keep Dwight Howard on the Magic and the Knicks, who recently snapped a six-game losing streak, have a long list of problems.

Listen to this week’s NESN podcast below.

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