Report: Rangers Offering Yu Darvish ‘Dice-K Money’

Report: Rangers Offering Yu Darvish 'Dice-K Money'The Ranger won the rights to negotiate with Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish this offseason with a $51.7 million bid, a number that exceeded the Red Sox' posting fee for Daisuke Matsuzaka prior to the 2007 season.

Now, the Rangers are reportedly offering "Dice-K money" when it comes to Darvish's actual contract, as well.

CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports that the Rangers have offered Darvish a contract for somewhere in the $52 million range — hence the term "Dice-K money" — but there's no evidence a deal is at hand.

Heyman says it's unknown whether $52 million is the exact amount offered or if the offer is for six years, as was the case with Matsuzaka in 2007, when he received a six-year deal worth $52 million. Texas' offer for Darvish reportedly could be for five years.

The Rangers already exceeded Boston's previous record-setting posting fee this offseason when they obtained the rights to Darvish. The Sox submitted a posting fee of $51.1 million for Matsuzaka before they worked out a deal.

Texas reportedly wants to use the Matsuzaka deal as a barometer in its negotiations with Darvish, whereas Darvish's side apparently feels as though the newcomer is a better pitcher than the Boston hurler.

The Rangers have until Jan. 18 to strike a deal with Darvish, and most have assumed that a deal will get done. But with the clock ticking, things could get interesting if the two sides are unable to close the gap soon.



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