Report: Yu Darvish Negotiations With Texas Rangers Held Up by Contract Length


Yu Darvish is taking the unusual step of asking for a shorter contract with the Texas Rangers, and that could be the biggest thing holding up negotiations.

Darvish, the 25-year-old right-hander from Japan, wants a five-year contract with the Rangers, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan reports. That complicates things with the Rangers, who would like to lock up Darvish for six years.

A longer contract would give Darvish and the Rangers greater security, but it would also delay Darvish's eligibility for free agency. The Rangers, who bid $51.7 million to gain exclusive negotiating rights with Darvish, are offering slightly less than market value to Darvish.

If Darvish agrees to a sixth year, it would likely be an an exorbitant price, Passan reports, since Darvish could make far more as a free agent.

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