Iconic Minnesota Twins Pitcher Jim Kaat Imparts Wisdom at Red Sox Camp


FORT MYERS, Fla. –– A special visitor graced the Red Sox clubhouse this week.

Legendary Twins pitcher Jim Kaat, 73, passed by camp the past two days to offers advice to the team. Since pitching coach Bob McClure lives close to Kaat in Florida, it did not take much convincing for Katt to make the trek.

"You can't teach experience, but [with] the amount of experience Jim has that he has gained wisdom from, [he] can impart wisdom if people are willing to listen," Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said.

In 25 years in the majors — 15 of those spent with Minnesota — Kaat racked up 283 wins and 16 Gold Gloves. When speaking to players, the left-hander was decked out in Red Sox paraphernalia.

And donning Boston red instead of Minnesota red didn't bother Kaat one bit, he said.

"Any time you feel some type of a big league shirt, you feel pretty honored," Kaat said with a smile. "I had a little session with [the team] on [Monday] and I was happy that it was well received."

Kaat would also address the team on Tuesday before going home and returning back to playing golf.

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