Tom Coughlin Poses for Photo With Lombardi Trophy, Doesn’t Appear Worried About Jinxing Giants


INDIANAPOLIS — If jinxes exist in the world of sports, the planet will have its answer Sunday after Super Bowl XLVI.

Both Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin held their final news conferences of the week Friday in a ballroom at media headquarters. They each answered questions in front of a glamorous Super Bowl XLVI backdrop, and they were just a few feet away from the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which will be awarded to Sunday’s winner.

Belichick, who went first, walked off the stage well behind the trophy. But an hour later, Coughlin was asked to pose for a photo with the Lombardi, and he obliged, stood right behind it and gave an awkward smile.

It’s customary for players and coaches to shy away from approaching a championship trophy, though it’s most notable in the NHL. But it was interesting to see the two head coaches approach it in two different manners Friday.

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