Would You Rather Be Kobe Bryant’s or LeBron James’ Teammate?


Larry Bird knows a thing or two about winning. The three-time NBA champion is one of the greatest players in basketball history, so when Bird says something, people tend to listen.

During an interview with Bill Simmons, Bird was asked which player he’d rather play with: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Well, probably Kobe, because of the fact that … well, of course he wouldn’t have been shooting as much as he does now … but his desire to win, his dedication, to always get better. He’s just tough,” Bird said. “He’s just a tough cat.” 

What made his choice more interesting is the comment he made in regards to King James.

“But, if you want to have fun, like I did with Bill Walton, play with LeBron. It would have probably been more fun to play with LeBron, but if you want to win and win and win, it’s Kobe, said Bird. “Not that LeBron’s not a winner, just that [Bryant’s] mindset is to go into every practice, every game, to get better.”

Larry Legend’s opinion on the two superstars brings about a fascinating debate about the perception of both James and Bryant.

Both players are among the most exciting in the league, but the levels of success are vastly different. Bryant is one of the most successful champions in NBA history. James has a lot of highlights, but the lack of titles has started to hurt his reputation.

Almost everyone would love to play with these two talents, but if it came down to choosing one, who would it be?

Would you rather be Kobe Bryant's or LeBron James' teammate?

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