Florida Guard Erving Walker Arrested for Stealing $3 Taco, Resisting Officer


Was it worth it?

That's the question that University of Florida guard Erving Walker has to ask himself after being arrested early Friday.

Walker was arrested in connection with a $3 taco stolen from a Gainesville street vendor, according to ESPN.com.

The 22-year-old senior was reportedly charged with retail petit theft and resisting an officer without violence at 1 a.m. after officers from the Gainesville Police Department apprehended him following a foot chase that also involved several police cars.

According to the arrest report, Walker ordered and received a taco from a street vendor, but then fled without paying for it. Police chased the Florida guard, shouting "Police! Stop!" Walker continued to flee, however, eventually getting caught several blocks later.

Walker admitted to stealing the taco but said he was "just playing around."

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