Joe Namath Confident Peyton Manning Can Play ‘Another Five Years, If He’s Healthy’


Whatever team lands Peyton Manning this offseason will be getting one heck of a quarterback for years to come.

That’s how Joe Namath sees it, anyway.

Namath, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the New York Jets, told Yahoo! Sports that he sees Manning starting for a contender well beyond this season.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he can play another five years, if he’s healthy,” Namath said. “The No. 1 thing with him is his arm strength, because he does have excellent health otherwise. If anyone can swing this and be successful, it is Peyton Manning — and let’s not forget that Joe Montana was reasonably successful in Kansas City after all those years in San Francisco.

“I’m not concerned about [Manning] going somewhere new. I’d want to see him throw the ball.”

Namath played 12 seasons with the Jets before playing the final season of his career with the Los Angeles Rams. It was a forgettable season, and Namath admitted that changing teams for just one year after 12 seasons with one organization contributed to his struggles.

“The move was made because the Rams’ coach was Chuck Knox and I had a relationship with him, one dating back to high school, actually,” Namath said. “I thought I was sound enough to play and the Jets were going through a rebuilding situation and Richard Todd wanted to play. But I see Peyton going to a contender. I can’t see him going to someone who can’t contend. If he goes to Miami, he’d be in that situation, certainly.”

Manning visited the Broncos last week and is rumored to be a target of the Dolphins and Cardinals.

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Joe Namath Confident Peyton Manning Can Play 'Another Five Years, If He's Healthy'

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