Milan Lucic Discusses Unwritten Rules of Fighting, Says Which Teammate He’d Least Like to Go Up Against (Video)


Although hockey players try to inflict physical pain on each other when fighting, there's still some unwritten rules when it comes to dropping the gloves that are considered sacred throughout the sport.

Milan Lucic discussed some of these unwritten rules during his appearance on NESN Daily on Friday, saying that sometimes a bout starts with a simple, "Do you want to go?"

The Bruins winger also discussed Dennis Seidenberg's recent fight with Toronto's Colby Armstrong, which came as a bit of a surprise since Seidenberg isn't a guy typically known for trading punches. Lucic respects his teammate's game, though, and considers the German defenseman an extremely hard worker.

Lucic, voted the toughest player in the NHL by players across the league, doesn't back down from anyone. Still, there's one player in particular on the Bruins who he's in no hurry to go up against.

Check it all out in the video above.

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