Brendan Shanahan Must Enact Harsher Penalties to Prevent More Dirty Hits in Playoffs (Video)


This NHL postseason has already seen more suspensions, through half of the opening-round series, than we saw through the entire 2011 playoffs.

Many of the suspensions were merited, and some even rather leniant for the crimes committed. Yet, the suspensions haven't done enough to take the dirty hits out of the game.

NHL Disciplinary director Brendan Shanahan, is the one responsible for preventing such dirty plays and maintaining a high level of player safety. The current system, though, just isn't working.

NESN's Randy Scott chronicles some of the most brutal atrocities in the video above. Meanwhile, Barry Pederson and Mark Mowers implore Shanahan to take a harsher stand and get these hits out of the game.

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