‘Saving Stanley’ Film About Canadian Fans Trying to Steal the Stanley Cup (Video)


Since the Montreal Canadiens hoisted the Stanley Cup for the 24th time in franchise history in 1993, the most prized trophy in sports hasn’t been earned by a team from Canada since.

It’s not like the teams from North of the border haven’t had their shots at Lord Stanley’s chalice. Canadian NHL teams have lost in the Stanley Cup Finals five times since 1993, with the most recent being the Vancouver Canucks falling to the Boston Bruins in seven games last season.

This trend has been picked up on by Vashi Nedomansky, a film editor in Santa Monica, who decided to make a film about a crazed fan who decides to steal the Stanley Cup and return it to Canada, where he believes it rightfully belongs.

Nedomansky re-released a trailer to “Saving Stanley” earlier this week, posting footage to a film that he has been working on since 2003. The filmmaker had posted the trailer in 2009, but is hoping to get financial support to finally finish the project after the inital footage was shot nearly eight years ago.

After receiving approval from the NHL, Nedomansky’s crew was able to get footage and access to the Stanley Cup during the 2005 NHL playoffs.

The film is shot in the found footage style that has recently been popular with such releases as Chronicle, Cloverfield and Project X. Nedomansky should hope that his film is released soon, because if the current trends continue, it might be a while before a Stanley Cup victory is celebrated in Canada

Check out the trailer below.

“Saving Stanley” – Trailer #1 from Vashi Nedomansky on Vimeo.

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