Paul Silas Seems Really Sad, Probably Because He Coaches the Charlotte Bobcats (Video)


The Charlotte Bobcats are an atrocious basketball team, as evidenced by their 7-57 record, a mark that has been helped along by a current 21-game losing streak.

They're so bad, in fact, that they're on the verge of becoming the worst team in the history of the league, at least in terms of win-loss percentage.

As one could imagine, that's making life difficult for Charlotte head coach Paul Silas, a man who's used to success after winning three NBA titles in his career, including two with the Celtics. He's a nominee for the Basketball Hall of Fame for crying out loud.

That's why it's so tough to see a good basketball man, who by all accounts seems like a good human being as well, struggle through such a pitiful season.

And Silas certainly seems to be struggling, even with the end in sight. The head coach looked like a beaten man following another loss Sunday night, and rightfully so. The Bocats lost again, by 26 points to the Sacramento Kings.

A dejected Silas searched for something — anything — to say after the game. He handled himself pretty well all things considered, but it's pretty evident it's wearing on him. His team then came out on Monday and got beat down by the lowly Washington Wizards by 28 points to run the skid to 21 games.

See Silas' postgame news conference from Sunday's loss in the video below via SportsGrid.

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