Rajon Rondo’s Tip-Off Trickery Captured in Compilation Video (Video)


It doesn't take long for Rajon Rondo to leave you scratching your head.

In addition to being one of the NBA's premier point guards, Rondo is also one of the most entertaining players in the league, and he frequently entertains the crowd just seconds into each game.

You may or may not have noticed that Rondo does some interesting things when the Celtics win the opening tip-off. Whether it's hitting the ball with his head, receiving a football-style hike from Kevin Garnett, or just doing some other bizarre antic, Rondo usually has some fun right off the bat.

Fortunately, one astute fan decided to chronicle all of Rondo's tip-off trickery in the form of a compilation video.

Check out Rondo's crazy antics in the video below, which serve as further proof that you just never know what you're going to see when it comes to the All-Star guard.

A hat tip to Red's Army for this awesome video.

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