Dexter Fowler Pretends Field Is Lava, Impersonates Wilson From ‘Home Improvement’ (Caption Contest)


Dexter Fowler Pretends Field Is Lava, Impersonates Wilson From 'Home Improvement' (Caption Contest)

Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler scaled the Dodger Stadium wall going for a ball the other night while a Los Angeles fan watched. It made for a funny scene, and we wanted to see what NESN readers had as a caption for the photo.

Here's a look at Saturday's #NESNCaption Caption Contest winners.

Joe E Callahan: "Juuuust a bit too high."

Brendon Cardinal: ‎"Hey there, neighbor. Whatcha doin?" Ya know, like Home Improvement?"

Aidan Breen: "jack, jack, theres a boat jack"

Matthew Maguire: ‎"I'm pretending that the ground is actually lava. But it's ok, I'm safe up here!"

Jay Leach: "A rude fan throws a baseball player onto the field."

David Sharpe: "Letgo my eggo…"

Each day at Noon ET, a photo will be posted on NESN's Facebook page and Twitter account with the hashtag #NESNcaption. Readers are encouraged to leave their original caption ideas in the Facebook comment section or by replying to the #NESNcaption tweet. Winning captions will be featured the following morning at 11:30 a.m. ET on

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