Josh Hamilton Showing That I’ll Have Another Not Only Triple Crown Threat This Year


Josh Hamilton Showing That I'll Have Another Not Only Triple Crown Threat This Year

Take your pick.

While I'll Have Another will now have a shot to win horse racing's first Triple Crown since 1978 after taking home the Preakness on Saturday, Josh Hamilton has a Triple Crown on his mind as well.

The Rangers outfielder enters Sunday leading the American League in home runs (18), RBIs (46) and batting average (.384) — all by a fairly wide margin. It's still early, but if he keeps swinging a hot bat, he could finish first in all three categories.

Triple Crown or no Triple Crown, though, the fact remains that Hamilton is going to get paid this offseason. However, given the slugger's dark past, it might be a risk to give him the massive contract he's in line for. That's something the Rangers will have to consider when dishing out the dough.

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