Eli Manning Dresses in Drag, Fights for Little Brothers on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Videos)


Eli Manning Dresses in Drag, Fights for Little Brothers on 'Saturday Night Live' (Videos)Well, at least New York didn't have to wait as long to watch Eli Manning raise the Lombardi Trophy as it did to see him onstage at 30 Rockefeller Center.

(Canned laughter)

Manning drew plenty of laughs Saturday evening when made his much-anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Rihanna.

The fun started soon after the opening monologue, when Manning appeared in a formfitting black skin suit for a skit that had him shooting promos for EA Sports' Madden. He poked fun at his reputation of being bland with some pretty horrible attempts at a celebration dance.

The high point of the show had to be Manning's fake public service commercial, where he riffed off the famous United Way ad done by his brother, Peyton, when he hosted.

Eli, like Peyton, turned the tables on his good-guy image, this time offering his talents to help young brothers get back at their older siblings in some pretty awesome ways.

Manning also appears as a serial texter (a jab at Brett Favre?) and otherwise mostly played the schmuck.

He had some tough acts to follow. Several other notable athletes have translated their skills to the SNL stage. (Click here to see some of the best and worst Saturday Night Live performances by athletes.)

How do you think Manning did? Watch some clips from the show, then cast your vote here.

Warning: Some clips may not be suitable for all ages.

How do you think Eli Manning did on "Saturday Night Live"?

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