Wally Szczerbiak Rips Kevin Garnett on Twitter for Lacking ‘Clutch Gene,’ But Then Deletes Tweet


Wally Szczerbiak Rips Kevin Garnett on Twitter for Lacking 'Clutch Gene,' But Then Deletes TweetWally Szczerbiak played six-plus seasons with Kevin Garnett, so it's safe to assume he got to know Garnett and his game pretty well.

Szczerbiak's career has since ended, and he has moved on to do analyst work for CBS Sports, which means that it is now his job to give opinions on the game. So with Garnett's Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, Szczerbiak saw a chance to chime in on Wednesday night.

What he had to say, though, surprised some.

The former sharpshooter questioned how clutch Garnett really was, by tweeting the following: 

"KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgenealways has!" read the first tweet about Garnett. That was followed by another tweet that read "KG never takes big shot for  now he's fourth in line behind [Paul] Pierce,  [Ray] Allen and [Rajon] Rondo to take clutch shot. Warrior all game though!!"

That first tweet, however, has mysteriously been deleted by Szczerbiak. He was apparently feeling the heat, not only judging by the deletion of the tweet, but also because of what he said just a few minutes after calling out Garnett.

"KG was a warrior all game but in OT he was horrible on both ends of the floor tonight!!"

That's a little bit of backpedaling, no?

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