Indians Closer Chris Perez Throws Up on Field After Recording Save (Video)


You’ll often hear about rookies who get so nervous before a big game, they spend some quality time with the clubhouse toilets evacuating their systems before they take the field — or not so elequently put, they throw up.

But Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Chris Perez is far from a rookie. He has been in the league for nearly four years now and just yesterday captured his 20th save of the season against the St. Louis Cardinals. He had no reason to be nervous — aside from the normal rigors of the closer’s role — but that certainly didn’t stop him from throwing up.

He isn’t new to the big leagues, pitching on a big stage is nothing new to Perez and, oh yeah, he threw up AFTER the last out was made. Maybe the euphoria of getting 20 saves was just too much for the righty to handle?

Perez has a 2.59 ERA with 22 strikeouts in 26 appearances for the 32-27 Indians. He’s good, but maybe Perez should restrict his pre-game diet to wheat toast and some flat ginger ale from now on.


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