Kevin Durant-Model Shoes Show Up in Jordan Crawford’s Refrigerator (Photo)


Most players warm up before games.

But Jordan Crawford's routine may also involve warming up his shoes, as he apparently keeps them in his refrigerator when he's not playing.

The Washington Wizards shooting guard tweeted a photo of the inside of his fridge, well stocked with Tropicana and several pairs of sneakers.

The shoes appear to be the finest pairs of Kevin Durant's Nike model, and Crawford gives props to the reigning scoring champ in his tweet.

Crawford averaged 14.7 points for the Wizards last year but was dealing with an ankle injury at the end of the season. There's no word on whether he was wearing Durant's kicks then — heated up or chilled.

Check out Crawford's refrigerator in the photo below.

Kevin Durant-Model Shoes Show Up in Jordan Crawford's Refrigerator (Photo)

Photo via Instagram/jcs_stelo

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