Kevin Durant Sued by Guitarist Over ‘Durantula’ Nickname


Kevin Durant's world has come crashing down.

Not only are his Oklahoma City Thunder one loss away from dropping the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat, but now the superstar is on the verge of losing his famous "Durantula" nickname as well.

Durant is being sued by guitarist Mark Durante, who claims he used the name "Durantula" as part of his "on-stage and performance persona," according to TMZ.

Durante, who played for a number of bands during the 1980s (most of which you've probably never heard of), claims he used the nickname to market "music, recordings, apparel, t-shirts, guitars, and related merchandise," and that he registered the "Durantula" trademark. Durant, about to complete his fifth NBA season, has since been labeled with the famous nickname, although his representatives reportedly said that they're not officially using it.

Durante, however, reportedly claims that Nike used the alias as part of a shoe campaign, and that Durant has signed basketballs using the nickname that are available through the player's website.

Durante is suing for damages and an injunction to stop Durant from using the name.

Here's to hoping we see "Durantula" return to the music scene real soon.

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Kevin Durant Sued by Guitarist Over 'Durantula' Nickname

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Kevin Durant Sued by Guitarist Over 'Durantula' Nickname

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