Kevin Garnett Drags Mickael Pietrus Back Into Celtics’ Huddle Twice (Video)


Kevin Garnett and Mickael Pietrus are polar opposites.

While one could argue that Garnett is the most intense player to ever step foot on an NBA court, Pietrus is one of the league's most jocular players.

Pietrus showed during Tuesday's Game 5 showdown with the Heat that he was very much into the game by providing some clutch plays, but Garnett really wanted to make sure his teammate was listening when Boston huddled up with 8.8 seconds remaining.

ESPN's camera crew captured an animated discussion near the Boston bench as the Celtics were clinging to a four-point lead in the waning moments of Game 5. Garnett looked especially intense — as you'd expect –  but Pietrus looked as though his mind was wandering (even if his play down the stretch said otherwise).

Noticing this, Garnett — being the intense leader that he is — twice yanked Pietrus back into the team's huddle. The scene really doesn't mean much, as things like this probably happen all the time, but it's really a microcosm of the two players' differing personalities.

Check it out in the video below.

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