Paul Pierce Hopes Kevin Garnett Sticks Around, Says He’s ‘Done Everything for My Career’


Kevin Garnett's biggest fan might be in the same locker room.

As we get set for an interesting offseason that involves figuring out the futures of Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, we at least know exactly where Pierce stands on everything.

The longtime Celtic made it clear after Saturday's Game 7 loss to the Heat that he wants another crack at a title with the Big Three intact. In fact, Pierce seems to feel that Garnett may have brought his career to another level.

"He's done everything for my career, just his locker room presence, his desire, his determination," Pierce told The Boston Globe. "Just his leadership. I said before, when Kevin first got here, he really changed the culture of everything we did around here, you know, practice habits to the discipline. He made everybody accountable, from the ball boys to the chefs to the guy who flew the plane. Everybody was accountable."

It's pretty obvious that Garnett is an intense guy, but who knew the chefs were open to catching heat if they didn't perform? In any event, Danny Ainge has some big-time decisions to make this offseason, and the Big Three's performance this postseason certainly isn't making it easy to break them up.

Garnett, in particular, was fantastic, showing that he's still one of the game's elite big men.

"It's been tremendous to have him around, just the culture he brought, you know? It'd be great to end my career with Kevin," Pierce said. "I have a couple years left, and who knows what his future’s going to bring. Management can do something to bring him back and get us the pieces we need to get over the top. If not, it's been a tremendous run."

Pierce hit the nail on the head. Despite a disappointing finish to this season, the Big Three era has been something special, with the Celtics advancing to three Eastern Conference Finals and two NBA Finals.

We'll see if there's still more to come.

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Paul Pierce Hopes Kevin Garnett Sticks Around, Says He's 'Done Everything for My Career'

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Paul Pierce Hopes Kevin Garnett Sticks Around, Says He's 'Done Everything for My Career'

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