Red Sox Need to Find Ways to Have Quality At-Bats Against Quality Pitching (Video)


It's no secret that the Washington Nationals have great pitching. And the last two days, the Red Sox have had to go up against not only the Nats' top two hurlers, but two of the top young pitchers in the game.

The Sox had never seen Stephen Strasburg before Friday, but they have had a chance to look at Gio Gonzalez while he was with Oakland, so the team clearly needs to find a way to have better at-bats, according to Dustin Pedroia. And despite the second baseman's stuggles since returning from a thumb injury, he feels good and will get his hits. Or so he says.

Watch the video above to hear Pedroia talk about his thumb injury, Daisuke Matsuzaka's first game back with the Sox and facing quality starting pitching.

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