Rex Ryan’s Appearance at Jets Camp Has Referees Wondering When He’s Expecting (Caption Contest)


Rex Ryan's Appearance at Jets Camp Has Referees Wondering When He's Expecting (Caption Contest)

Rex Ryan appeared to be working the sidelines early in Jets practice this week, but the sight of Ryan's pudge also had some people calling to mind reputations that Ryan and his referee friends may want to forget.

Check out the winners of Friday's #NESNCaption Contest below.

Craig Galloway Can I see your feet?

Garrett Gaudette Are you guys here to officiate the hot dog contest?

Steven Sherritt Ok, I'M Smokey,and you guys are..the Miracles

James Marchand Do zebra's have feet or hooves?

Brent Blacktopp Three blind mice

Andrew Richard How many yards is the penalty for 'Tebowing'?

Dennis Grasini Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Dave Hathaway Aren't you guys in the new stooges movie?

Maureen Daly try the stripe shirt…it makes u look thinner!!!

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