Blue Jays Fan Traps Foul Ball Between Legs, Avoiding Potentially Embarrassing Situation (Video)


That's one way to make a catch.

One Blue Jays fan was still finding his seat in the top of the first inning in Toronto's game against Cleveland on Friday night when the Indians' Jason Kipnis sent a Ricky Romero offering into the seats down the third base line.

So, with the ball coming in his direction but his hands full with a hot dog and a drink, the fan did what anyone in his situation would do: He trapped the ball between his legs.

Fortunately, the fan avoided a number of embarrasing scenarios — he didn't drop his drink or his hot dog, and he avoided the pain that could have resulted had the ball bounced a few inches higher — and ended up with a nice souvenir, to boot.

Check out the video below to see one of Friday's top grabs.

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