John Kruk Eats Ribs in Slow Motion Soundtracked to ‘Chariots of Fire’ (Video)


If you happened to catch the Home Run Derby Monday night on ESPN, you might have missed John Kruk for a little bit. You'll have to forgive him, his mouth was a little full.

Kruk took the opportunity while calling the derby to chow down on some authentic Kansas City barbeque. While you can't blame him for that in and of itself, you also have to be a little jealous when you consider the fact that it's what he was being paid to do on national television.

At one point Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones came over to partake in the ribs, as well. We have to imagine by that point there wasn't much left for Jones as, unlike athletes who let themselves go after their playing days, Kruk wasn't exactly known for his chiseled physique even during his Philadelphia Phillies prime.

The folks over at decided to have some fun with the clips of Kruk's culinary predilections, taking the opportunity to frame the broadcaster's moment with the elegance it deserves, so enjoy. Or should we say, bon appétit.

Photo via Twitter/Cam Slamenbaum

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